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Wilhelm Imkamp

Available works
1906born in Münster
1920-22School of Applied Arts Münster
1926-30Studies at the State Bauhaus Dessau (Josef Albers, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee), also visits Lyonel Feininger, who had no official teaching assignment
1928/29Participates in the traveling exhibition "Young Bauhaus Painters
1929Study year in Paris
from 1930freelance artist in Essen
1932solo exhibition of non-objective painting at the Folkwang Museum in Essen
until 1945officially only portrait painter
1939military service as a soldier with the Luftwaffe Construction Company; "war painter" on the Western Front
1946classified as "unencumbered" in the course of denazification
joins the artists' association "Neue Gruppe
1948moves to Asperg near Stuttgart; friendship with Ida Kerkovius and art collector Erich Schurr
1950s and 1960sNumerous participations in exhibitions, about 40 solo exhibitions in Germany and abroad
1951joins the artists' association "Gruppe sw
1953move to Stuttgart
1959Honorary position on the jury and hanging commission of the Kunstverein
1979Awarded the title of professor
1990died in Stuttgart
The painting of Wilhelm Imkamp grows, without studies or drafts, on the canvas from the first color settings. From an all-encompassing primordial ground, the colors condense into formal events. Usually avoiding the strict line, Imkamp binds the condensations into a crystalline structure. Memories of the familiar can already be involved in the design process (head, barque, city). Mostly, however, Imkamp proceeds solely from the interaction of free forms. Often picture titles are found because of the associations that the newly evoked imagery can evoke.
Although the color increases in the course of the 1950s to autonomous luminosity, but a basic trait always remains: A colored form is not placed on the surface, but the colored events grow out of an unfathomable deep space, which cannot be grasped by rational laws, in order to sink back down into it after their appearance. 
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