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K.R.H. Sonderborg

Available works
1923born in Sønderborg, Denmark
1941/42sent to Gestapo custody in Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp
1938-40commercial apprenticeship in Hamburg
1946private pupil with the painter Ewald Becker-Carus in Hamburg
1947-49Studies at the Landeskunstschule in Hamburg with Willem Grimm and Maria May
1950experiments with various ink techniques
1951he adopts the artist name Sonderborg
1953member of the artist group "ZEN 49
1958Participates in the Venice Biennale; moves to Paris
1959Participates in documenta II
1960Prize for printmaking at the Tokyo Biennale
1963Grand International Prize for Drawing at the Biennale in São Paulo
1964Participation in documenta III
1965Moves to Stuttgart
1965-1990Professor of painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with interruptions (leaves of absence)
1969/70Visiting professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design
from 1980four years prorector of the Stuttgart Academy
1986Visiting professor at the Art Institute in Chicago
1988Hans Moltener Prize
2008died in Hamburg
Big city impressions, triggered by stays in Paris, London and New York, environmental sounds and jazz - his father is a jazz musician - play a central role in Sonderborg's work. Since the early fifties, Sonderborg has come into contact with American action painting. With spontaneous application of paint, he achieves the depiction of a structural fabric that makes form visible in a state of becoming. Thus Sonderborg's work is far closer to American gestural painting than to European Informel.
Next to Gerhard Hoehme, K. O. Götz, Bernhard Schulze, Hann Trier and Peter Brüning, Karl Rudolf Hoffmann from Sonderborg (Denmark) is one of the most important and powerful representatives of German informal painting. Painting and drawing process leave visible traces. His pictorial inventions transform matter through the speed and rapid force of the order into energy, which remains palpable even before the lithographs and etchings.
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