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Thomas Deyle

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Thomas Deyle
1957born in Munich
1966-70moved to Tokyo/Japan
1978-85State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
1979-85Scholarship of the ev. Studienwerk e.V., Schwerte
1979-82Studied history at the University of Stuttgart
1984Academy Prize of the State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
1986-95freelance work in Stuttgart
1988Graduate scholarship of the state of Baden-Württemberg
2006Cultural scholarship Attendorn
lives and works in Cologne
 Member of the German Artists' Association
 Solo exhibitions (selection)
2019Thomas Deyle - Lichtdeuter, Schlichtenmaier Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
color spaces, Leonberger Galerieverein, Leonberg, Germany
2010lumen ludens, Florian Trampler Gallery, Munich, Germany
2008Kunstraum Püscheid, Püscheid, Germany
2006Light and Color, Kunstverein Heinsberg, Germany
2005Scarabaeus, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, Texas, USA
Thomas Deyle, Association for Contemporary Art, Oberhausen, Germany
2002Thomas Deyle, Gallery Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm, Sweden
Spring Salon Monreal&Poppen, Bonn, Germany
2000Solstice, Deutzer Bahnhof/ArtCologne, Cologne, Germany
1999Gallery Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm, Sweden
Shakti, Artothek, Cologne, Germany
1998Right of the Rhine, Kunstwerk Cologne, Germany
1997Gallery DIS, Maastricht, The Netherlands
1995Museum for NonObjective Art, Otterndorf, Germany
1994Art Museum Heidenheim, Germany
Städt. Gallery Villingen-Schwenningen, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
1992Municipal Gallery in the Kornhaus, Kirchheim/Teck, Germany
1990Debut exhibition, State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany
 Group exhibitions (selection)
2020Lust auf Farbe, Schlichtenmaier Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
20188+1, guest at the studio Victor Dahmen, Cologne, Germany
40 Years Gallery Schlichtenmaier, Gallery Schlichtenmaier, Castle Dätzingen, Germany
Cologne Plus - Color Painting Positions, Verein für Aktuelle Kunst e.V. Oberhausen, Germany
2015Art Award 2015, Friends of the Kunstwerk e.V., Cologne, Germany
Rounded/Umkreist, Foundation S BC-ProArte, Bieberach, Germany
2014Trialogue, Künstlerbund BaWü, Museum Biedermann, Donaueschingen, Germany
The Mobile Gallery, Cultural Region Stuttgart/S-Bahn Stuttgart, Germany
2013WabiSabi, Kunstwerk Cologne (with Josef Wolf), Germany
2008Yesterday was...Today is, Museum Gegenstandsfreier Kunst, Ottendorf, Germany
Raumwechsel 11, Ege Art and Cultural Foundation, Freiburg, Germany
2005Entourage de, Villa Merkel, Esslingen, Germany
2004Farbfilm Schloß Plön, Kunstverein Schloß Plüschow, Germany
2001Color is color is color, Demmel Kunstprojekte Dehmel, Osnabrück, Germany
Change, Museum of NonObjective Art, County of Cuxhaven, Ottendorf, Germany
2000Interspace, Höschhallen, Attendorn, Germany
1996KonkretKonstruktiv, works on paper, Museum St. Ingbert, Germany
Color, Light and Space, Contemporary Art from Germany, Regional Museum Tula, Russia
1995Deyle, Emde, Heßling, Art Museum Ahlen, Germany
1994Lampion, Municipal Gallery Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
1991Absence Strategies, Museum of Modern Art, Palais Lichtenstein, Vienna, Austria
Bildlicht, Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna, Austria
Forum Junger Kunst 91, Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany
Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Germany
 Public Collections (Selection)
 Museum of Modern Art Palais Lichtenstein Vienna
 Museum of the 20th century Vienna
 Museum of NonObjective Art County Cuxhaven
 Collection of the State of Baden-Württemberg
 Federal Art Collection Bonn
 Collection Dresdner Bank Heidelberg
 Collection Art Museum Heidenheim
 Collection Daimler Benz
 Collection Sparkasse Wilhelmshaven
 Collection Ringier AG Publishing House Zurich Switzerland
 Ege Art and Cultural Foundation Freiburg i. Br.
 Collection Roxtec AB Karlskrona Sweden
 Collection Degussa AG RöhmPlexiglas Darmstadt
The work of Thomas Deyles, at once dormant and pulsating, makes it clear how much the artist distinguishes himself from the typical concrete artists, but also from his spiritual colleagues. The painter does not draw his inspiration from esotericism. In general, factual or sensual references (such as a delightfully iridescent surface of an insect, a certain music especially from classical music and jazz, etc.) play an important role in the work. As a synesthete, Deyle always associates music with specific colors. Just as sound takes place in time and, moreover, in immaterial space, Deyle sees color as having a similar effect. They are moods and physical references that resist an overly ethereal spirituality. Nevertheless, color and light are in symbiosis with each other, influenced by ZEN philosophy - shaped by childhood memories: As the son of a musician with a professorship in Tokyo, Thomas Deyle grew up in Japan, where he perceived the rock gardens there early on in their "excitement in tranquility." It is from here that, in part, the meditative moment necessary to roll hundreds, even up to a thousand layers of highly diluted paint, layer by layer, onto the Plexiglas sheet can be derived. Until Deyle developed this technique, which suited him, he first painted hyperrealistic pictures, then moved from abstract-expressive works in admiration of Willem de Kooning, Marc Rothko and others to painting over glass, which, however, always left the hanging visible. It was only with Plexiglas that he was able to attach spacers behind the glass that keep the work almost invisibly at a distance from the wall, giving the impression that the paint is floating in space - still and, when viewed for a longer time, in a moving dynamic. This experience is only immediately perceptible: Those who move on too quickly cannot take in the subjective process of perceptual changes, and those who photograph these works miss out on the magic of color's presence in retrospect. 
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