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This new exhibition of the Schlichtenmaier Gallery is dedicated to an artistic genre that is rarely shown exclusively: Sculptures and sculptures, reliefs included. More than with painting and graphic art, the visit is not only a visual pleasure, but also a spatial experience. Three-dimensional art wants to be walked around. Like no other art - music perhaps excepted - it occupies space, restaging spaces in different ways. Hiromi Akiyama, for example, created sculptures and sculptures that are dormant but open, whose meaning lies in the interstice of material nothingness. Robert Schad's heavyweight solid steel works, on the other hand, live out of their seemingly dancing lightness. Sculptures and sculptures are more than objects that stand in space: they do something to the viewer, who must relate to them because he is in the same space as they are - regardless of whether they are figurative or non-objective. Toni Stadler, Gerhard Marcks, or Alfred Lörcher stand among the figurative sculptors who involve space in context no less. This becomes even clearer with Jürgen Brodwolf, Elisabeth Wagner or Wilhelm Loth, who understand their surroundings spatially. The Stuttgart exhibition shows sculptural works from 75 years, sometimes geometrically concrete, sometimes emotional - they always reach into space. As a radical representative of reduction in the wake of Brancusi, Otto Baum stands for a renewal of sculpture. It is present here up to the present via Roberto Cordone, Werner Pokorny to Axel Anklam and Manuela Tirler.

The exhibition also honors the more than 100-year-old Herbert Heinzel, who as the former head of the casting workshop of the Stuttgart Art Academy set standards in the treatment of bronze. The names behind it here are Baum, Cimiotti, Hoflehner, Kermer, Kirchner, Lörcher, Marwede, Messer, Reich and others. A special feature are reliefs by Max Ernst from 1970. After a small sculpture exhibition in 2015, the gallery once again lets a forest of pedestals arise in its Stuttgart rooms, on which all kinds of sculptures and sculptures gather. The enormous range makes a visit to the exhibition a journey of discovery.

Artists*innen of the exhibition:
Hiromi Akiyama, Axel Anklam, Otto Baum, Gerlinde Beck, Franz Bernhard, Jürgen Brodwolf, Franz Bucher, Emil Cimiotti, Roberto Cordone, Torolf Engström, Max Ernst, Lothar Fischer, Armin Göhringer, Otto Herbert Hajek, Ingrid Hartlieb, Bernhard Heiliger, Hildegard Heinzel, Rudolf Hoflehner, Wolfgang Kermer, Heinrich Kirchner, Horst Kuhnert, Thomas Lenk, Alfred Lörcher, Wilhelm Loth, Gerhard Marcks, Gabriele Marwede, Brigitte and Martin Matschinsky-Denninghoff, Guido Messer, Georg Karl Pfahler, Werner Pokorny, Paul Reich, Fritz Ruoff, Robert Schad, Michael Schoenholtz, Reiner Seliger, Toni Stadler, Hans Steinbrenner, Manuela Tirler, Elisabeth Wagner

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