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Lothar Quinte

Horizontal Red on Black (Horizontal Red I)
© Lothar Quinte / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Lothar Quinte

Horizontal Rot auf Schwarz (Horizontal Rot I) / Horizontal Red on Black (Horizontal Red I), 1965

Acrylic on canvas
70,5 × 100,5 cm

signed, dated and inscribed on the reverse: quinte 65 Horizontal Red I; inscribed: B 4 - 0023 -
(QUINTL/M 113)

€ 12.000
previous work
22 / 60
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Literature: Gert Reising (ed.), Lothar Quinte. Opus. Catalog raisonné of paintings. 1950-2000, Vol. I, Mainz/Munich 2000, No. 65005, p. 126

Lothar Quinte is considered one of the most important representatives of Op(tical) Art in Germany. His paintings radiate a peculiar poetry that turns the constructive forms into a sensual experience. Quinte, who had already stepped out of the shadow of the all-consuming Informal style with his veil paintings, had taken a continuing step with his subsequent "Schlitzbilder," which would lead him to his memorable "Fächerbildern" in wide format in the 1970s. The 1965 acrylic painting "Horizontal Red on Black" belongs to this important phase of his "Schlitzbilder series" and places the theme of fanned-out color and light at the center of his artistic intention. Impressively, a thin line of color makes its way horizontally and straight as a poker across the canvas here, to leave behind fanned-out, subtle nuances of color to the left and right of it that vibrate in the viewer's eyes. In this respect, the overlaps to Op Art are recognizable. In this context, the art historian Hans H. Hofstätter once spoke of the inspiration that Quinte probably received from the technique of the laser beam, which was made public at the time. Painting, or rather the colorful sound evoked by it in space, is celebrated in Quinte as the focal point of sensual experience.
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