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Volker Blumkowski

From the series "Less Siegfried
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Volker Blumkowski

Aus der Serie »Weniger Siegfried« / From the series "Less Siegfried, 2010

40 × 30 cm

signed and dated lower right: Blumkowski 9 - 10

€ 4.200
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The series "Less Siegfried" alludes to the heroic myth of the Nibelungen, whose time seems to be over. Specifically, the title refers to a statement by the Swiss artist Hans Rémond, who classified the work of his German colleague as German, but with "less Siegfried," that is, without too many German airs and graces. Not without pathos, Volker Blumkowski propagates the no less sublime moment of a rather banal reality that puzzles us enough to be worthy of representation. "Less Siegfried" from 2009/10 strips down the hero, he stands there in a simple T-shirt and trousers, only partially dressed when you see that he is missing a shoe. This is irritating enough to see in it more than coincidence: In dream interpretation a single shoe stands for fear of loss, loneliness, the explicit absence of a shoe is associated with stuck situations in reality. As a painter Volker Blumkowski plays at the same time with the meaning of such symbolism - and literally reverses the images: superficially one may sense the symbolic worlds, superficially the artist flirts with the realization that everything is only painted. Thus, the unheroic Siegfried - it is only apparently a self-portrait - seems to wonder less about the missing shoe than about the white disc in his hand, which is apparently part of several painted circular surfaces that adorn the wall behind him. The helplessness that is written on the man's face thus stems from the fact that he was put 'into the world' by a personal narrator, without having been told or being able to be told, as a purely fictional (art) figure, how to act in the symbolic world of art and myths. The mere doubt as to whether he must question the symbolic level (missing shoe) or the pictorial logic (circle in hand) indirectly turns him back into a mythical figure for whom no heroic deeds are in store, but for whom banal activities become significant.
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