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Romuald Hengstler

© Romuald Hengstler / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Romuald Hengstler

5/68, 1968

Mixed media on canvas, four parts
100 × 150 cm

signed and inscribed on the reverse: Romuald Hengstler 5/68

€ 8.000
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The painting by Romuald Hengstler, dated 1968 and composed of four parts, is as succinct in its structure as it is complex in its design. Each internal rectangle is divided into a white and a blue field, which in the overall picture form a white, angle-like strip towards the lower center of the picture - surrounded by blue triangular areas up to the edges of the picture. The white and blue areas are separated by masking tape, which is partially painted over by the blue. The evenly applied white is juxtaposed with the blue vibrating in the brushstroke, which is composed of countless strokes. The superimposed color nuances, which in part shimmer through to the uppermost layer, not only show the temporal process of the picture's creation, but are also documented on the reverse in the corresponding shades, each with a date. In addition to time, space also becomes visible: through the blue that appears in depth and the isometrically spatialized white surface. Romuald Hengstler, together with Franz Bucher, Erich Hauser and Felix Schlenker, is one of the pioneers of modernism in the upper Neckar region - the Forum Kunst Rottweil attracted international attention. Hengstler's involvement in international modernism can be seen in comparisons with works by the forerunner Piero Dorazio as well as Bernd Berner and Rolf-Gunter Dienst, against whom he developed his own pictorial language of temporal compression from the mid-1960s.
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