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Manuela Tirler

Bannwald piece VI (6)
© Manuela Tirler / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Manuela Tirler

Bannwaldstück VI (6) / Bannwald piece VI (6), 2012

280 × 100 × 100 cm


€ 12.000
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The steel sculptor Manuela Tirler found her own visual language early on, which she varies and constantly expands in numerous groups of motifs. Without any shyness about the material, the former student of Werner Pokorny seeks her subject in nature of all things, which on the one hand appears uninhabited, barren and inhospitable, but on the other hand is carried by dramatic beauty. Organic-vegetable forms provide a lightness that the sculptor sovereignly plays off against our knowledge of the heaviness of industrial iron. Although the viewer associates the steel scrub and branches with naturally grown counterparts, Tirler respects the peculiarities of the bulky and usually rusting material - only exceptionally does she use the shine of stainless steel. Precisely through this, however, she approaches the processual thriving within nature. Her series of paintings are called "Quake" (quake or earthquake) or "Tumbleweeds" (tumbleweeds). The "Bannwald" series refers to natural, hard-to-reach woodlands, especially in Baden-Württemberg, which are imitated in their wild growth by welding iron wire rods tightly packed together until they resemble bundles of brushwood. The natural wilderness meets its manipulation in art, both ambivalence - between order and chaos, chance and control - irritates and attracts us at the same time. "Bannwald VIII," whose rust-red lambent steel wiring makes one associate a burning briar as much as the enchanted forest of the fairy tale, was presented in 2013 at a prominent location in front of the halls of the Art Karlsruhe fair.

1977 Born in Stuttgart, grew up in Morristown (Tennessee) and Wiernsheim in the Enzkreis region of Germany
1998 Free Art College Nürtingen
2002-08 Study of free sculpture / free art at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart (Werner Pokorny, Micha Ullman, Markus Ambach and Rainer Ganahl)
2007 Study visit with the Baden- Württemberg scholarship in San Francisco, USA
2008-10 Studio scholarship of the city of Nürtingen
2010-13 Studio scholarship Esslingen County
2008 Academy Scholarship State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
2009 Winner of the Gerlinde-Beck-Prize (Gerlinde-Beck Foundation)
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