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Winfred Gaul

© Winfred Gaul / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Winfred Gaul

Ohne Titel / Untitled, 1958

Oil on canvas
110 × 90 cm

signed lower right: Gaul; signed and dated on the reverse: March/April 58, Gaul
(GAULW/M 117)

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Winfred Gaul began his artistic explorations after studying with Manfred Henninger and Willi Baumeister at the Stuttgart Academy in the Informel style of the 1950s. The untitled work, created in 1958, stands as an early document of his early impulsive-gestural phase. In wild brushstrokes, the impasto layers of color merge into one another as if in a whirlpool, complementing the non-colors white and black with contrasting shades of blue and red. With the consequence of excluding everything that was narrative or interpretable, the artist increasingly dispensed with titles as early as 1955. By turning away from the traditional pictorial statement in favor of form, Gaul belonged to that following that was committed to free form and achieved a previously unheard of autonomy of the painting process as well as the pictorial means. "Painting is a traditional medium with a limited radius of possibilities. By painting, I consciously accept the limits of painting. Within these limits, however, I know no taboo." (Winfred Gaul) In the large representative exhibition "Le grand geste! Informel und abstrakter Expressionismus 1946-1964" presented by the museum kunst palast in Düsseldorf in 2010, Gaul was represented with several paintings from his early informal period, which underlines his internationally highly regarded position with regard to his early work.
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