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Jürgen Brodwolf

The cup, Figurine
© Jürgen Brodwolf / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Jürgen Brodwolf

Die Tasse, Figurine / The cup, Figurine, 1970

Oil on wood. Enamel cup, toy furniture
52 × 38 × 10 cm

signed and dated u.: Brodwolf 1970 Literature: Willy Rotzler, Objektkunst. Von Duchamp bis zur Gegenwart, Cologne 1975, No. 90, ill. p. 144 Bernhard Holeczek, Jürgen Brodwolf. Catalog raisonné of objects 1959 - 1976. part 1, Braunschweig 1976, no. 80 Ausst.Kat. Jürgen Brodwolf. Figurenräume, Kunstverein Munich 1976, ill. o. p. Exhibition cat. Jürgen Brodwolf. Conception and Development of a Figure, Kunstverein Freiburg, 1974/1975, ill. o. p.

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Jürgen Brodwolf's sculptural principle of the so-called "tube figure", developed since the end of the 1950s, is located beyond traditional material and form. His delight in experimenting with the possibilities of combination is typical of his work, as is perceptible in an extremely pictorial way in "Die Tasse". On closer inspection, the work created in 1970 is not a mere object montage in which an old window frame is combined with two tube figures, a cup, and various toy furniture, but rather tells complex and touching stories on a deeper level, for example of childhood and growing up, of home and distance, or of familiarity and alienation. The fact that the artist initially placed the figure scene in a drawer, which was later reworked with the aforementioned window frame and thus given a twofold version, is emblematic of Brodwolf's principles, both artistic and life, both of which are subject to constant change. "Brodwolf has used such pewter figures from studio waste for object montages since 1959. In doing so, he foregrounds the gripping human presence of the tube deformations created in an "automatic" kneading process. Reminiscent of tortured, maltreated bodies, these figures without arms and heads offer themselves to Brodwolf, who occasionally helps them along with additional modeling, for compositions whose theme is the suffering human being." (Willy Rotzler)
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