Der Bildhauer Werner Pokorny ist tot

On the death of Werner PokornyOctober 11, 1949 in Mosbach - December 31, 2022 in Ettlingen
"... Who now has no house, builds no more one, /He who is alone now, will remain so for a long time, ... "(Rainer Maria Rilke)
Werner Pokorny, one of the most renowned sculptors in the German southwest, is dead. With his approximately 50 works, which alone stand in public space, he anchored his visual language in our consciousness: at the center of his work was the house as a cipher of life - refuge on the one hand, threatened primeval hut on the other. As a conceivably simple sign of endangered shelter, the house in Werner Pokorny's work was always a positive form and a negative form at the same time, sometimes a brand, sometimes a groundless home in the frenzy of being. And yet also a constant of life that seemed to be eternally in motion - a being that had never really arrived, or perhaps never really left. Art, the steel and wood sculptor was convinced, always had to be a game and an experimental arrangement. His numerous house towers and model arrangements make this clear. He also conveyed this to his students as a professor at the Stuttgart Art Academy, motivating them to work independently, but with an awareness of materials. Now the game has come to an abrupt end. On New Year's Eve 2022, Werner Pokorny died after a short, serious illness. Throughout his life he built on the unstable image of the house, but he does not leave us unhoused. That he himself has left the house of being makes us infinitely sad. 

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