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Josef Hegenbarth

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Josef Hegenbarth
1884Born on June 15 in Bohemian-Kamnitz (Česká Kamenice) as the son of a glass manufacturer and glass refiner
1905Moved to Dresden
1905-1908Artistic activity under the guidance of his cousin Emanuel Hegenbarth
1908-1915Attends the Dresden Art Academy as a student of Carl Bantzer, Oskar Zwintscher and master student of Gotthardt Kühl
1914First exhibition with Emil Richter in Dresden
1915Member of the Dresden Artists' Association, later on its jury and participation in its exhibitions until 1939
1917-1919Stay in Prague. Collaboration in the Brömse circle
1919Return to Dresden, studio in the Künstlerhaus in Loschwitz
1920-1936Participation in the exhibitions of the Deutscher Künstlerbund and its member, renewed regular participation since 1951 in the Federal Republic of Germany
1921Purchase of the house at Calberlastraße 2 in Dresden-Loschwitz, the second floor of which he lived in until his death and which today houses the Josef Hegenbarth Archive of the Dresden Kupferstich-Kabinett (Museum of Prints and Drawings)
1924-1936Collaboration with the Munich "Youth
1925-1944Collaboration with the Munich "Simplicissimus
1926Member of the Vienna Secession, participation in its exhibitions between 1914 and 1938, renewed membership as of 1960
1929Member of the Prague Secession and participation in its exhibitions until 1936
1936Marriage to Johanna Aster (1897-1988), who founded the Josef Hegenbarth Archive after Hegenbarth's death
1943-1945Stay in Bohemian-Kamnitz. Expulsion and loss of essential parts of his life's work
1945October return to Dresden
1946-1950Collaboration on the Berlin "Ulenspiegel
1946Employment at the Academy of Applied Arts in Dresden
1947Professorship at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
1949Abandonment of teaching post
1954National Prize of the GDR
1955Corresponding member of the German Academy of Arts
1956Associate member of the Academy of Arts Berlin
1957Restitution by Czechoslovakia of most of the works left behind in Bohemian-Kamnitz in 1945
195975th birthday exhibition at the National Gallery in Berlin and in Munich
1960Member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
1962Died on July 27 in Dresden
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