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Emil Nolde

Available works
1867born as Hans Emil Hansen in Nolde (Schleswig)
1884-88apprenticeship as a carver and furniture draftsman in Flensburg
1888Nolde works in various furniture workshops in Munich and Karlsruhe
1889Work in a Berlin furniture workshop
1892Teacher for ornamental drawing and modeling at the School of Arts and Crafts in St. Gallen (Switzerland)
1898Attends private painting schools in Munich and Dessau
1899Attends the Académie Julian in Paris
1901Berlin; member of the "Secession" there
1902Marriage to the actress Ada Vilstrup
from 1903Nolde spends summers on the island of Alsen
1905Etching series "Phantasies", beginning of his graphic work
1906Acquaintance with the artists of the "Brücke
1909Moves to Ruttebüll (Schleswig)
1911Controversy with Max Liebermann, expulsion from the "Secession," joins the "Neue Secession
1913/14Participates in an expedition of the Reichskolonialamt to New Guinea
1926Moves to Seebüll (North Frisia)
1931Member of the Prussian Academy of Arts
1934as a Danish citizen, member of the National Socialist Working Group of Northern Schleswig (NSAN), which is "assimilated" with the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) in the following year
1937Work defamed as "degenerate art" despite membership in the NSDAP
1938-45Nolde produces mainly small-format watercolors, his "unpainted pictures
1952Appointed to the Peace Class of the Order "Pour le Mérite
1956dies in Seebüll
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