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2013 at WKV Stuttgart; Photo: Mélanie Lachièze-Rey
1948born in Öhringen
1967-69studied philosophy at the University of Tübingen
1970-76Studied painting and sculpture at the Stuttgart Art Academy
1976-77Work on the monochrome "sets
1977-79Performances: "Living on Red" and "Famili
1979-86lives and works in and at Red Space 1, Olgastraße, Stuttgart
1980-82Color spaces in private buildings and exhibition spaces
1982First red-monochrome Externs (photographic works)
1984Visitors to Red Space 1 form the "Initiative Red Space 2", which Red Space
 the following years
1985First solo presentation of the Externs, ARCO Madrid
1985Start of work on Red Space 2, Landhausstraße, Stuttgart, (1991 renamed to
 Space 2)
1986-2003lives and works in and on Space 2
1988the Externs become more figurative
from 1989installations of the Externs in the context of exhibitions
from 1994color interventions and murals in private, public and company buildings
since 2003lives and works in and at Space 3 in Stuttgart
2004first externs from Space 3
from 2009color interventions in public space
from 2011new site-specific exhibition formats develop from the intersections of installations of the Externs and color interventions
2017Space installation in the exhibition ROT KOMMT VOR ROT, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch
 Hans Thoma Prize 2017 of the State of Baden-Württemberg
 lives and works in Stuttgart
 Solo exhibitions (selection)
2017Platino - OUT OF RED II, Gallery Schlichtenmaier, Stuttgart
2013Flechtwerke und Fliehkräfte, Württembergische Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany
2012Platino, Gallery of the City of Tuttlingen
2011Platino. In Touch, Ostfildern Municipal Gallery in the Town House
2007Platino. Y, Zeppelin Museum and Art Association Friedrichshafen
2002Platino. Au-Delà, Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, Essen
2001Externs. Photographs by Platino, Goethe-Institut New York
Platino. Inside Up. Space / Painting, Domnick Collection, Nürtingen
Platino ... out of the room for the room, project series of the Malerwerkstätten Heinrich Schmid GmbH & Co.KG, Schloss Monrepos, Ludwigsburg
2000Platino. Close Distances, State Gallery Stuttgart
1993Platino, Westphalian Art Association Münster
1992Platino, Zug Art Society, Kunsthaus Zug
1990Extern at Villa Arson, Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Nice
 Group exhibitions (selection)
2020Lust for color, Gallery Schlichtenmaier, Stuttgart
The illusion of reality, photographic positions, Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Dätzingen Castle, Grafenau, Germany
2017Award-winning exhibition "à travers l'autre/durch einander" Hans-Thoma-Museum, Bernau.
2012CRACKED. WHITE. OPEN, Gallery Jochen Hempel, Berlin
2009CELLA. Structures of Exclusion and Discipline, Complesso Monumentale di San Michele a Ripa, Ex Casa di Correzione di Carlo Fontana, Rome
2008Voluptuousness. The presence of absence, Columbus Art Foundation, Leipzig
19982 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle. L'hypothèse du tableau volé, MAMCO, Geneva
Photography. Ready, Mate, Arnsberg Art Association
1995The adventure of painting, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf
1993Art around art, Kunsthalle Bielefeld
1992Sculptures, Fragments. International photographic works of the 90s, Vienna Secession
Carambolage. Biennale of the Partner Regions I, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
1990Photo. Art. Works from 150 Years, Graphic Collection, State Gallery Stuttgart
Platino moves in the "no man's land" of panel painting, sculpture, installation, work in progress and happening. In 1979 Platino starts his project "Red Space 1" in the Olgastraße in Stuttgart. For seven years he lives in the rooms, which are transformed into red. Sounds elaborately composed by Platino are combined with purchased objects. In the course of "Space 2" (1991-2003) Platino abandons his attachment to the color red. Where previously the continuum of one color was predominant, subtle differentiations in colors and objects now become important. Work on "Space 3" began in 2003.
From 1982 onwards, an independent part of the work develops out of the spaces: photographs are turned into large-format Cibachrome prints connected with acrylic glass, the "Extern "s. As autonomous works, they take the place and viewer with their reflective surfaces into the picture: The photographically fixed past thus appears as temporally and spatially present. 
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