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Robert Schad

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Robert Schad
Photo: Robin Billecard
1953born in Ravensburg
1974-80Studied art at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe
1976-78Study of art history at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe
1980-81DAAD scholarship for a working stay at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes, Porto (ESBAP), Portugal
1982Prize for drawing at the III Biennial of Contemporary Art, Villa Nova de Cerveria, Portugal
1984Scholarship of the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg
1985Promotion award of the city of Wolfsburg
1986Sponsorship award of the cities of Ravensburg and Weingarten/ >Stuttgarter Weg<, connecting tunnel between the House of Representatives and the State Parliament, Stuttgart
1986"1st Menció" in the XXV. International Prize for Drawing "Joan Miró", Barcelona
1988Scholarship of the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
1989Grand Prize of the II International Biennial of Sculpture Obidos, Portugal
1989-90Wilhelm Lehmbruck Fellowship of the City of Duisburg; Visiting Professor for Sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
1992Project scholarship "Werk statt Schloss" of the city of Wolfsburg
2003Opening of the "Parc de Sculpture de Larians"; working residency in "La vie des Formes"; Foundation Mark di Suvero, Chalon sur Saone
2007Working stay in "La Vie des Formes" - Foundation Mark di Suvero, Chalon sur Saône
2016Sculpture path in Brittany
2016/17"CARRÈ DIX.29", sculpture project in Finisterre/ Brittany
2017/18"PERCURSO LUSITANO", sculpture project in Portugal
2018/19"DEUX VILLES - TWO CITIES" sculpture project in Metz and Saarlouis
2019"FROM LOCAL TO LOCAL", a sculpture parcours in Upper Swabia
2019Iserlohn Art Award
 lives in Larians (France) and Chamosinhos (Portugal)
Robert Schad is one of the most internationally renowned steel sculptors of our time. His sculptures, made of solid square steel, sometimes span the space with dancing lightness, sometimes with majestic composure, in order to take possession of it. The rhythm of the material welded together from sawn structural steel bars turns the spaces into designed places of enchanting beauty and, for all their movement, conveys the impression of a statuesque, auratic and contemplative permanence. The 45 or 60 mm thick steel takes its measure from the human being: It can just barely embrace him. The grace and dignity that Schad expresses here makes his works protagonists of a modern classicism that seeks balance and perfection.
Completely independent of the sculptures, drawings on paper as well as lacquer works on sheet steel are created to complement the work in a striking way. What drives him here is the freedom of the autonomous line in all its multiformity, without content or static concessions. The line follows the sculptural trace, not vice versa. At the same time, Robert Schad also builds a bridge from the individual, free spatial duct to the constructed, built space that engages with the surrounding architecture. In this way, installative choreographies are created that are borne by a great plastic will - as, for example, in the case of "Stuttgarter Weg".
Through fantastic-poetic naming ("Hergis," "Kalles," "Kamart," etc.), the sculptor turns his expansive markings into beings of almost mythical presence, which, according to Schad, give viewers impulses "to
to embark on a journey to their very own world of associations." 
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