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Manuela Tirler

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Manuela Tirler
Manuela Tirler 2016; Photo: Daniela Wolf
1977born in Stuttgart , grown up in Morristown / Tennessee
 and Wiernsheim in the Enzkreis
1998Free Art College Nürtingen
2002-08Study of free sculpture/ free art at the
 State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart with Werner
 Pokorny, Micha Ullman, Markus Ambach and Rainer Ganahl
2007Scholarship of the Landesstiftung Baden- Württemberg for California
 / USA, first "mixed media"-award of the gallery Calstate East Bay, San
 Francisco, California
2009Winner of the Gerlinde-Beck-Prize (Gerlinde-Beck Foundation)
2009-10Academy scholarship, i.e. postgraduate studies, Staatliche Akademie
 of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
2008-10Studio scholarship, city of Nürtingen
2010-13Studio scholarship Esslingen county
 Member of the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg
 lives and works in Plochingen
The steel sculptor Manuela Tirler extracts a mostly floral lightness from the brazen material, but is also able to lend the steel an earthy quality. And although the groups of works "Kubus" and "Waldstück" look like strong bushes or gathered bundles of brushwood, and although the so-called "Yvys" and "Weeds" take possession of the walls like filigree ramifications and tendrils, she always remains true to the material. That is to say, she takes the mass out of the steel, but leaves it as a rule its unrefined, rusty nature with all its welds - in order to come just so close to the grown nature. The "Quakes," on the other hand, belong to the blasts that on the one hand illustrate brute interventions in the surfaces of the metal, and on the other hand become a sensual metaphor of a battered earth: be it as a withered crust or a dry arable furrow. The association of growing, thriving, and decay, of shaping and destruction, concentration and branching, makes tirler's work a confrontation between art and nature. 
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