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Eckart Hahn

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Eckart Hahn
Eckhart Hahn photographed by Tom Wagner, Berlin
1971Born in Freiburg / Breisgau
1990/91Apprenticeship as photographer, Stuttgart
1991-93Study of art history, Tübingen
1995-98Study of graphic design, Stuttgart
2005Promotion Award of the Association of Visual Artists Baden-Wuerttemberg
 lives and works in Reutlingen
 Solo exhibitions (selection)
2021SHIMENAWA, Gallery Schlichtenmaier, Stuttgart, Germany
2020Götterfunken, Pablo's Birthday, New York, USA
Elevation Day, KunstMuseum, Reutlingen, Germany
2019NEXUS, Gallery Wagner+Partner, Berlin, Germany
EDEN, Schlichtenmaier Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
2018The black dog wears colorful, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany
The Black Dog Wears Colorful, Neue Galerie Gladbeck, Germany
Ropes and Chains, Pablo's Birthday, New York, USA
The Black Dog Wears Colorful, Kunsthalle Villa Rot, Germany
2017LIMBUS, Gallery Wagner + Partner, Berlin, Germany
2016CLAY/CRYSTAL/COLOR, Aeroplastics, Brussels, Belgium
Scissors, Stone, Paper, Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Stuttgart, Germany
BOUND, Pablo's Birthday, New York, USA
Aeroplastics, Brussels, Belgium
2015MYZEL, Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
MYZEL, Gallery Wagner+Partner, Berlin, Germany
2013Still Painting, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany
Asphodeliengrund, Gallery Wagner+Partner, Berlin, Germany
2012Ancient Light, Pablo's Birthday, New York, USA
The Black Scent of Beauty, Städtisches Kunstmuseum Singen, Germany
The hole in the fence, Galerie Rothamel, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
2011Myth incorporated, Gallery Wagner+Partner, Berlin, Germany
The Black Scent of Beauty, Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany
The Black Scent of Beauty, Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, Germany
2010GRAT, Kunstverein Reutlingen, Germany
Zwischenwelt, Gallery Rothamel, Erfurt, Germany
2008Autre monde, Gallery Rothamel, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Face the flames, Pablo's Birthday, New York, USA
2007Insights, City Gallery Klagenfurt, Austria
2006Fremde Spuren, Gallery Burkhard Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Germany
2005Base Camp, Municipal Gallery Ostfildern, Germany
2002Connected to life, Kloster Seeon, Germany
 Group exhibitions (selection)
2020Ludwiggalerie Schloss Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany
No fear of thresholds - The door as a motif of contemporary art, Städtische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
201950th anniversary of Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Dätzingen Castle, Germany
POSTCARD RELOADED, European Art Association at Kunstraum Potsdam c/o Waschhaus, Germany
2018Bild Macht Kunst, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany
DIE GESTE Masterpieces from the Peter and Irene Ludwig Collection, Ludwig Galerie Schloss Oberhausen, Germany
2017PURIFICATION, Aeroplastics, Brussels, Belgium
2016On the strength of empathy, Art Festival Watou, Watou,Belgium
2015DARK Ages, Aeroplastics, Brussels, Belgium
2014The Hallucinated World, Painting at the Edge of Reality, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany
And the Trees Set Forth to Seek for a King, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel
2013Dark Matters, Kunstverein Ulm, Germany
Hair!, Ludwiggalerie-Schloss Oberhausen, Germany
2011Image Trust, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany
2009Broken Vision, Aspects of Realism, Kunstverein Mannheim, Germany
2003Award of Darmstädter Sezession, Institut Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, Germany
 Public Collections
 Museum at the Cathedral Würzburg
 Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig
 Art Palace Erlangen
 Collection Württembergische Hypo
 Collection Sparkasse Münster
 Art collection Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
 Collection Municipal Gallery Ostfildern
 Collection Chamber of Industry and Commerce Reutlingen
 Art Collection District of Reutlingen
 Art collection of the city of Eppingen
 Halke Collection, Überlingen
 Collection Jeff Rosa, New York
 Collection Jaeschke, Bochum
 Chehebar Collection, Miami
 Collection Katharina Sulke, Vienna
 Mühling Collection, Hardheim
 Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg
 Collection of the OEW
 Museum of Art, Heidenheim
 Collection Michael Ellis, New York
 Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey
Eckart Hahn understands his work in installative terms, even though he is first and foremost a painter. For this reason, however, any comparisons of his work with Surrealism, Fantastic Realism, or Hyperrealism are of little help: his representation aims at the sensual-haptic abilities of our perception - he makes even unreal, paradoxical situations tangible. Whether we as viewers also grasp them is ultimately the subject of his paintings. Multi-layered, the technical brilliance is fascinating at first, creating the illusion of an actual world of things that is impossible from the point of view of the mind. If one transfers the pictorial language to the plastic-objective, installative works, the motifs take on a real representational quality that corresponds with the almost old-masterly perfection of the painting. Eckart Hahn plays with different levels of reality, which, however, does not refer to dreams as in the case of the Surrealists, nor to pure, emphatically unworldly phantasmagoria of the Fantastic Realists or to the photographic gaze of the Hyperrealists. Rather, he processes the current virtual realities of the media society as well as the post-factual uncertainties in the subjective perception of seemingly objective situations. As a stylistic device of the obscuration Eckart Hahn uses packaging, puzzlement, alteration of the material circumstances.

The magazine "Kunst und Auktionen" has called Eckart Hahn of their current issue "seismographs of our time" - he is one of the most shrewd observers of a reality that has become questionable. You can read the article here.
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