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Bernd Zimmer

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Bernd Zimmer
Bernd Zimmer Photo: Roger Fritz
1948Born in Planegg near Munich
1968-70German sailing champion; apprenticeship as publishing bookseller at Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich
1972Travels through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Burma and Hong Kong; moves to Bremen
1973/74Moved to Berlin, book designer at Klaus Wagenbach publishing house
1974-79Studied philosophy (aesthetics) and religious studies at the Free University; contact with Karl Horst Hödicke
1975/76Stay in Mexico and in the south of the USA; enthusiasm for the Muralists (Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco); begins painting as an autodidact; acquaintance with Hödicke's students Salomé and Helmut Middendorf
1977Co-founder of the Galerie am Moritzplatz, Berlin (together with Salomé, Helmut Middendorf, Rainer Fetting and others)
1979Karl Schmidt Rottluff scholarship
1980Participation in the exhibition "Heftige Malerei" at the Berlin Haus am Waldsee (with Fetting, Middendorf and Salomé)
1981Trip to Indonesia (Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores)
1982/83Scholarship of the Villa Massimo, Rome
1984Relocation to Polling/Upper Bavaria
1987/88Studio apartment in the Villa Andräe in Rapallo/Liguria
1990Trip to India
1991Studio in Monteventano/Emilia-Romagna
1993/94trip to Libya; further studio in Oberhausen near Polling
1996/97first sculptures in terracotta
1998appointment as head of a painting class at the International Summer Academy Salzburg
2000winter trip to Upper Egypt (Luxor, Aswan)
2003Beginning of teaching at the Academy of Arts Bad Reichenhall
2007Studio in Warthe/Uckermark; appointed Chairman of the University Council of the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (until September 2011)
2010Working stays in Italy and Warthe. In autumn three-week trip to the rural areas of China (Urumqi, Yunnan, Guangxi)
2011Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia
2012Bernd Zimmer Art Foundation
2013Head of a painting class at the summer academy Kloster Irsee
2016second major trip to India
 lives in Polling
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