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Cornelia Schleime

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Cornelia Schleime
Photo: Lena Giovanazzi
1953born in East Berlin
1970-75apprenticeship as hairdresser, make-up artist, horse groom
1975-80Study of graphics and painting, HfBK Dresden
from 1981exhibition ban in the GDR
1984Moved to West Berlin - in connection with the departure, the oeuvre created until then disappeared without a trace
1985Working scholarship of the Senate for Cultural Affairs Berlin
1989PS1 - scholarship from the DAAD for a one-year working stay in New York
1992Project and work scholarship Kunstfonds Bonn - winner of the project exchange "Mauer im Kopf", Stiftung Neue Kultur study trip Kenya
1993NUR - travel grant (round trip to Indonesia 1994)
1997Workshop of the German-Brazilian Cultural Association e.V. in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
1998/99Study trip Hawaii
2000Member of the Saxon Academy of Arts, Dresden
2003Gabriele Münter Prize
2004Fred Thieler Prize
2005Award of excellent painting, National Art Museum of China
2005Professorship in Münster/Westf.
2010Honorary scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshoop
2016Hannah Höch Prize
Lives and works in Berlin, in the Ruppiner Land and on La Palma
The painter, filmmaker, photographer, performance artist and author Cornelia Schleime travels widely - she finds her visual language not only in painting, but also in music, poetry and film. Her artistic roots in the GDR and the exhibition ban imposed on her in 1981, spying by colleagues, and finally her departure from East Germany - as a result of which she largely lost her early work - left their mark on the artist: her independent and self-confident development of her work made her one of the best-known painters of her generation. In her portrait painting, in which one encounters nuns, popes, figures from fairy tales and legends, the focus is on the changeable and wonderful of the human being: the vulnerable, the hidden, the mysterious is the theme - in terms of content, a melancholy mood dominates, formally the artist explores the boundaries of subject, color field and abstraction. The impasto applied varnish colors (shellac, aphalt varnish) in the painting give a fascinating shine, but also create an existential distance to the viewer. The charm of the figures, which one can hardly escape, lies in the enormous presence and forcefulness of their physiognomy. 
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