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Claudia Magdalena Merk

Available works
Claudia Magdalena Merk
1982born in Filderstadt
2003-2008Studies at the Academy for Art Therapy Nürtingen
2009-2013Studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Volker Lehnert and Peter Chevalier
2013-2015Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Silke Otto Knapp and Henning Bohl
2015-2019Studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Cordula Güdemann
since 2017Director and owner of the art school Kreativkreisel
since 2019Artistic director of the project "Draufblick" in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO for the artistic reflection of future topics
 lives and works in Stuttgart
 Solo exhibitions (selection)
2021"Fresh cell_27: Claudia Magdalena Merk", Art Museum Stuttgart
 Group exhibitions (selection)
2021"The fish in the pan" Municipal Gallery, Markdorf
2019"Human Rights", Glastrakt Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
 "Model Afterimage", Villa Bosch, Radolfzell
 "In search of more" Kunstverein Oberer Neckar, Horb
2018"Pressure against the right", Akademiegalerie, Munich
 "A pretty good evening in October", Forum Kunst Rottweil
2017"The Great Infinity Pool," UG of the Folkwang Museum, Essen
 "GENIUS LOCI," Oberwelt, Stuttgart
 "Research against the right - Your homeland", WilliBleicherHaus, Stuttgart
2016"Seen from here", Castle Dätzingen, Grafenau
2015"DRUCKREIF Contemporary Woodcut," Reutlingen Art Museum
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