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Joachim Kupke

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Joachim Kupke
J. Kupke 2016, Photo: Kyra Fröhlich
1947Born in Sindelfingen
1965-57Studies at the Merzakademie Stuttgart
1967-72Studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Prof. Rudolf Haegele
1971Stay in the USA
Since 1972freelance
1981Scholarship of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg
1986Scholarship of the city of Sindelfingen
Since 1969Solo exhibitions and participation in exhibitions at home and abroad
lives in Sindelfingen
 Solo exhibitions (selection)
2019Works from 1972 to the present, paintings, peintages, drawings, prints, Kunstverein Heidenheim
Early photos, late pictures. Sculpture, Gallery of the City of Sindelfingen
2018Ceci n'est pas un Cranach, painting by Joachim Kupke, Kronach Synagogue, Kronach
2017Homage to Modern Art, Schlichtenmaier Gallery, Dätzingen Castle, Grafenau, Germany
2015Kate Moss in Delft, Gallery of the City of Sindelfingen and Galerie d'art, Corbeil-Essonnes, France
2014Kate Moss in Delft, painting and drawings, Kultur- und Museumszentrum Schloss Glatt, Sulz am Neckar, Germany
201112 artists - 12 ways. Starting point Stuttgart Art Academy, Gallery Schlichtenmaler Stuttgart
2007Appropriate Appropriations, new oil paintings and early photographs, Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
2006The Complete Works, Gallery of the City of Sindelfingen
2004Aperto, gallery and edition Zeherit, Dreisslingen-Lauffen
2003Art.Women, Art Forum Weil der Stadt, Wendelinskapelle and Gallery at the Pfleghof, Tübingen
2000Corrected Ready-Mades/Peintages, Gallery at the Pfleghof, Tübingen
1991Pictures, art circle Spaichingen
1990Small gallery of the cultural association, Torgau
 Group exhibitions (selection)
2019what's up?!, Contemporary Positions, Gallery Schlichtenmaler, Castle Dätzingen, Grafenau
2013The Face!, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany
2007Sharp as a tack! The Art of Reproduction, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen
The surreality of the everyday, Galerie Schlichtenmaler, Stuttgart
2006Figurative image worlds, Gallery Schlichtenmaler, Stuttgart
200515 out of 30, 30 years Gallery Geiger, Constance
The pictorial inventions of Joachim Kupke, meticulously and differentiatedly executed in oil on canvas in the manner of the old masters, are reminiscent of Comte de Lautréamont's famous phrase "Beautiful as the unexpected encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table". Sublime landscapes meet banal everyday objects or geometric patterns, pictorial quotations from the Great Masters meet motifs from tabloid magazines. Kupke's penchant for photorealism, Pop Art, and above all the surreal is unmistakable. Kupke calls his works, which oscillate between collage and peinture, "Peintagen". In Kupke's paintings, "high" art meets supposedly "low" art. In allusion to the musical divisions, one could also speak of "e-art meets u-art".
Like a film director, Joachim Kupke keeps himself rather in the background. While other artists cover their creations with a thick brushstroke and seal them with curved signatures, Kupke uses an almost neutral ductus and always signs and titles his works modestly on the back. This is quite understandable; after all, with his adaptations, overpaintings, and "corrections," Joachim Kupke turns against the exaggerated fetishization of the original - and in the process creates originals himself. By resurrecting his originals, published en masse in art calendars, magazines, and catalogs, as paintings, the images are returned to original and, above all, original painting. A passive consumption of Kupke's visual traps is not possible. Ironically placed, cryptic quotations appeal to our collective pictorial memory, optical incongruities challenge our imagination. For Joachim Kupke, the main sources of inspiration are catalogs, art calendars, and posters, in other words: mass-communicated incunabula that have become part of our collective memory.
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