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Hermann Max Pechstein

Available works
1881born in Zwickau
1896-1900apprenticeship as a decorative painter
1900-03Studies at the Dresden School of Arts and Crafts under Wilhelm Kreis (professor of spatial art)
1903-06studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden (master student of Otto Gußmanns)
1905visits an exhibition of works by van Gogh in Dresden
1906leaves the Academy with the highest award, the Saxon State Prize, also known as the Rome Prize; after meeting Erich Heckel and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, he joins the Brücke group of artists
1907Commission for stained glass windows for the town hall of Eibenstock in the Ore Mountains; stay in Italy as a state prize winner; participation in the first graphics exhibition of the Deutscher Künstlerbund; stay in Paris and contacts with the Fauvists
1908Participates in the exhibition of the Indépendants; moves to Berlin where he is represented at the exhibition of the Berlin Secession with four lithographs and a gouache
1910Founding of the New Secession
1911Stays in Italy and Nidden; founds an Institute for Modern Instruction in Painting (MUIM) together with Kirchner without economic success
1912Participates in the graphic exhibition of the Blaue Reiter in Munich as well as in Herwarth Walden's Sturm exhibition in Berlin; takes part in the Sonderbund exhibition in Cologne
1914Surprised by the outbreak of war and in Japanese captivity
1915Return to Germany
1915/16Military service on the Western Front (Somme/Flanders)
1918Co-founder of the November Group and the socialist association Arbeitsrat für Kunst in Berlin
1922Member of the Prussian Academy of Arts Berlin and receives a nominal professorship
1926At the request of the German government he creates glass windows for the International Labor Office in Geneva
1927Garden Club Prize from the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh/USA for the painting Calla
1928Prussian State Prize for the painting Northwest Storm exhibited at the Berlin Secession
1930Honorary diplomas from Milan and Bordeaux; Medal of Honor Vienna
1931State Prize of the German government
1937he is defamed as a 'degenerate artist
from 1945professor at the Berlin Academy of Arts
1951Honorary senator of the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts
1952Grand Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
1954Art Prize of the Senate of the City of Berlin
1955died in Berlin
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