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Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

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1884Born in Rottluff near Chemnitz (he did not add the name "Rottluff" to his name until 1905).
1905studied architecture at the Technical University in Dresden; founding member of the Brücke (with Erich Heckel, Fritz Bleyl and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner)
1913the Brücke was dissolved again and in the following years Karl Schmidt Rottluff participated in various other artist groups
1914member of the Berlin Free Secession
1915-18pioneer in Russia and Lithuania
1931-33Appointment to the Prussian Academy of Arts
1936Participates in the last annual exhibition of the Deutscher Künstlerbund at the Hamburg Kunstverein
1937Confiscation/destruction of his works
1941Prohibition to paint
1955Participant in the first Documenta in Kassel
Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts
1976died in Berlin
 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff was the second chairman of the board of the Deutscher Künstlerbund
His pronounced tendency to retreat to unspoiled landscapes of the North Sea and Baltic Sea characterizes Schmidt-Rottluff's artistic personality and makes him a loner in the circle of the "Brücke". In the beginning, his work was still clearly influenced by Impressionism. North German and Scandinavian landscapes appear as motifs. His move to Berlin in 1911 brought him into contact with the currents of the international avant-garde. Suggestions from Cubism, Futurism and African tribal art increasingly found their way into his work from 1912. In 1913, after the dissolution of the "Brücke", Schmidt-Rottluff developed a massive-monumental stylized formal language. The late Expressionist work of the 1920s is dominated by watercolors and paintings. Until the early 1930s Schmidt-Rottluff spends the summer at the Baltic Sea. Travels take him to Italy, Paris, Dalmatia and Ticino. 
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