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Alfred Lörcher

Available works
1875Born in Stuttgart
Apprenticeship in the ore foundry of Paul Stotz
1894Attended the Karlsruhe School of Arts and Crafts (contact with Hans Purrmann and Albert Weisgerber)
1897/98worked in the arts and crafts workshop of W. Wächter in Kaiserslautern
1898he moved to the Munich Art Academy and became a student of Wilhelm von Rümann
1902freelance sculptor in Stuttgart
1905-06stay in Italy
1908moved to Berlin
1914-1918volunteer medic
from 1919professor at the Württemberg State School of Arts and Crafts as head of the department for modeling
1941-45professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart of the department of decorative sculpture and architectural ceramics
1961member of the DKB honorary board of directors
1962died in Stuttgart
 Alfred Lörcher was a member of the German Artists' Association
Alfred Lörcher is rightly called the doyen among German sculptors of the first half of the 20th century. Steadily, still active into old age, Lörcher continued to develop, observing the changes in art with interest, without losing sight of his own path. Especially in relief, Lörcher has found a new plastic language of forms.
The inspiration for the terracotta relief "Rider at a Gallop" were the figure reliefs of Romanesque bronze doors, but also the ornamental divisions of Art Nouveau. Lörcher's figures no longer move on the relief ground, as in medieval sculpture, but actively incorporate it as a counterform to the raised relief. The figures open up to the surrounding space and the viewer. The individual figures subordinate themselves to the aesthetic order of the overall configuration. Calmness and direction result in an exciting overall picture. Gaps and open spaces dynamize the composition to an overall movement.
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