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Käthe Kollwitz

Available works
1867born in Königsberg
1886-90Studies with Stauffer-Bern (Berlin) and with Herterich (Munich)
1890First etchings
1898-1903Teacher for about 3 years at the Künstlerinnenschule in Berlin
1902-08Etching series Peasant War
1904Stay in Paris; learns the basics of sculptural design at the Académie Julian
1907One year in Florence (Villa Romana Prize)
1910First sculptural works
1919Member of the Academy of Arts; receives professor title (without teaching position)
1920-25Creation of many posters
1920First woodcuts
1922/23Series of woodcuts War
1927Trip to Moscow
1928Head of the Master Studio for Graphic Arts at the Academy of Arts
1932Inauguration of the war memorial Mourning Parents at the military cemetery in Vladsloo, Flanders
1933Is forced to resign from the Academy; loses her post as head of the master class for graphic arts
1934/35Lithographic series Death is created
1936Unofficial ban on exhibitions, removal of her works from public collections. Predominant occupation with small sculptures
1943/44Leaves Berlin due to increasing air raids. First accommodation in Nordhausen, then in Moritzburg near Dresden
1945Died in Moritzburg
Käthe Kollwitz is undoubtedly one of the most important artists and women of the last centuries. In her opinion, art has the task of representing social conditions. All people understand her language. With the exception of a very few time-bound commissions, Käthe Kollwitz's work is of timeless significance. Her artistic work encompasses the great serious themes of life - suffering par excellence, hardship and death, hunger and war - as well as the cheerful, light zones of life. There is nothing oppressive or self-tormenting about many self-portraits; on the contrary, they exude vitality, boldness, and self-confidence.
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