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Karl Otto Götz

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Karl Otto Götz
K. O. Götz 1992, Photo: Christoph Kreutzenbeck
1914Born in Aachen
1932Attends the Aachen School of Arts and Crafts
1941Study semester at the Dresden Art Academy
1948Art award "Young West
1948-53Editor of the magazine "Meta
1949Member of the group COBRA
1952"Quadriga" exhibition in Frankfurt
1958German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
1959Participation in the documenta II in Kassel
1959-79Professorship for free painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy
1987Participation in documenta VIII in Kassel
1996State Prize for Painting of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
2007Awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
2017died on August 19 in Niederbreitbach / Wolfenacker
Karl Otto Götz is one of the most important painters of the German Informel. His painting is non-representational, non-abstracting, not derived from nameable objects or landscapes. His painting is pure painting, quasi in its original state, fluid, spontaneous, expressive - without a depictive function or illusionistic depth effect. In the early 1950s Götz spreads his brush strokes and squeegee strokes completely freely, spontaneously and loosely over the canvas. Since 1954 his painting and squeegee rhythms follow certain pictorial schemes. These schemes are characterized by comparable divisions and rhythms, but can only be approximately named with words such as "vortex pictures," "waterfalls," or "grottos." The speed of color application is extremely high. Instead of clearly delineated forms, the scraps of paint spatulaed and flung onto the canvas form transitions and interlocks everywhere beyond classical principles of form.
He negates the constricting forms of the brushstroke of previous non-objective painting directions as well as the "cold abstraction" of constructed compositions.
By exposing his artistic action very experimentally to the unreflective, spontaneous painting gesture, pouring the paint and distributing it with brushes or squeegees, he challenges the instantaneous happening.

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