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And suddenly this desire to celebrate / 9 Artist anniversaries

Celebrating art has been made more difficult in times of general restrictions on contact, so it seems all the more important to assign a place to the celebration as a spiritual place for finding one another. Galerie Schlichtenmaier takes the round birthdays of its older artists as an occasion to strike the high note of the individual anniversary. The jubilarians stand ready to welcome their audience - and so do the gallery owners.
Adolf Fleischmann (130th birthday) turns the surface of the canvas into a solemnly shimmering space. As a precursor of Op Art, he combined his will to tectonic color tone with optical laws.
Less tonal-spatial than serial and modular Richard Paul Lohse (120th birthday) proceeds in his constructive work, which belongs to the fixed stock of concrete art.
When Emil Schumacher (110th birthday) freed himself after 1945 from the oppressions of the Third Reich, he finally found a very own visual language of Informel, with a dominance of the material-material: "closer to the earth than the stars."
Less earthbound than downright birdlike, since above the imagination beyond all limits, is the art of the draftswoman Romane Holderried-Kaesdorf (100th birthday), with echoes of the verism of a George Grosz.
Jürgen Brodwolf (90th birthday) deals with the human being - in the form of the tube figure, with which he has long since written art history. The self-proclaimed figurist pulls out all the stops of the existential content as well as the technical implementation.
Rudolf Schoof's (90th birthday) picture of the landscape, which he reinvents, becomes a cosmos: Here the visible world is only the occasion, everything is put with sketchy verve to the visual disposition.
A structuralist is Rolf-Gunter Dienst (80th birthday), who in color dialogues, organically seeming explorations or even scriptural notations in surface spaces eventful to organize.
Downright space-obsessed is Hans Peter Reuter (80th birthday), who in particular with the deepest color, the ultramarine blue, brings fictional spaces perspective exactly to view.
As a guest of the exhibition is still to be mentioned in this generation Wolf-Rüdiger Hirschbiel (80. Birthday), who deals in his own way with the space in the surface.
Günther Förg (70th birthday), a rebellious spirit who defied space and time, styles and media, is the youngest celebrant of the exhibition, who can rightly be called a postmodernist.
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