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Peter Sehringer / Moments

The current online exhibition is dedicated to the Stuttgart artist Peter Sehringer. It shows the current exhibition in the Stuttgart branch.

The artist, born in 1958 in Broimbach near Lörrach, ties his work to traditional subjects such as still life or figure painting. As templates he falls back on the media world taken, mass distributed and publicly available image materials and projects the selected motifs on foils, which he then uses as stencils to transfer the contours on wood or plastic panels. For the interior design he uses an incrustation technique that requires a considered, layer-by-layer approach. By mixing in foreign materials, he emphasizes the stony radiance of his pictorial works and heightens the unusual color tone, which is peculiar to him, to the point of mystery. By evenly sanding down the areas of color enriched with fillers such as marble or pumice powder or small stones, Sehringer binds the sharply contoured motifs into the background of the picture. In this way, he makes the viewer aware of the possible object-like nature of painting. The result resembles colored stone layers rather than painting.

In a manageable number of motifs Sehringer devotes himself through the years again and again series, working out different variations, color variations, angles and formats and shows that the artistic approach to the "core" of the motif, to the allegorical image is accompanied by constant observation and questioning. Peter Sehringer is not interested in documenting individuals in their distinctiveness, but in countering a flood of images dominated by the media with a generally valid and comprehensible image - of women, for example.
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