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Emil Schumacher / For the 100th birthday

The Schlichtenmaier Gallery takes the 100th birthday of Emil Schumacher as an opportunity to present the exhibition "Painting is increased life" in the gallery premises in Stuttgart from May 16 to June 29. In parallel, you can also view the paintings and gouaches here in our ONLINE exhibition.
The exhibition gives a broad overview of the work of the artist and shows works from the period between 1958 to 1999. Constantly in search of unusual materials and new expressive possibilities Schumacher was interested in the autonomy of the pictorial means. Form, line, color, matter, destruction, space and nature form the basic principles of his art. The material offered him for this inspiration and resistance at the same time.
The paintings are permeated by fractures and fissures, the painting ground is broken up. The most diverse materials are added to the paint. Expressive manifestations explain themselves not as an expression of the artist, but as a visible property of the pictorial matter formed by the artist. The papers of his gouaches are often unevenly torn, destroyed, crumpled, folded, softened, glued, or laminated to a new pictorial support. Thus the paper serves him not only as a picture carrier, but also as a component, as a body of the painting. The "works on paper" are at the same time to be understood as "works with paper" and are by no means of secondary importance to Schumacher. Not infrequently, the works give food to our associative powers, and notwithstanding his abstract position, Schumacher has repeatedly acknowledged nature as a source of inspiration. Nevertheless, figurative reminiscences remain secondary in his oeuvre. Interpretations of content are not intended, and occasional titles are not intended as aids to interpretation. Certainly, the paintings and gouaches carry landscape experiences, but more essential is the reality of the image based on itself.

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