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Winfred Gaul / Pop art

Winfred Gaul - who as a budding student had sought proximity to the trend-setting abstract Willi Baumeister in Stuttgart and had early experiences with Informel - was a proteus of art: tirelessly subjecting his visual language to a constantly new conception. After the last Gaul exhibition at Galerie Schlichtenmaier in 2012 focused on the earlier, especially informal work, the current focus is on the one hand on the works in the environment of Pop Art, whose German variety the artist founded in the early 1960s, and on the other hand on the sign-like color-form composites until the 1970s.

Inspired by longer stays in Rome and New York, Winfred Gaul recognized the signal effect of everyday aesthetics and the imprint of market-oriented value ethics - traffic signs on the one hand and the mass-media charms of advertising on the other caught his attention, similar to those of his contemporaries Pfahler, Hajek or Brüning. But while Georg Karl Pfahler anchored the hard edge in Germany, Gaul pulled out all the stops between that color-accented, information-aesthetic art of the 'hard edge' and the incunabula of everyday culture held in mixed media, sometimes collaged. More radical even than the U.S. artists - at the same time, for example, Frank Stella - Gaul explored the possibilities of the so-called Shaped Canvases (a motif-dependent co-designed form of the canvas): squares hung on the corners, diamond shapes, polycahedrons, ovals occur as well as free geometric shapes and double-sided wooden panels, which can expand into spatial installations.
For all the categorical and formal diversity, as well as the refusal of stylistic stringency, the exhibition, to which a catalog is published, but also shows constants that make the work of Gaul - the two-time documenta participant (1959, 1977) - a constant in recent art history.
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