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Camill Leberer

© Camill Leberer / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Camill Leberer

Sanktuario / Sanctuary, 2017

Glass, metal, paint, rubber
39 × 26 × 30 cm

signed and dated

€ 5.500
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view in room
With his installation sculpture "Sanctuary" from 2017, the former Catholic boarding school student Camill Leberer combines the brittle charm of constructivism with the solemn impression of a reliquary: on a metal frame, a glass object rises with two glass cubes on top of each other, one transparent, the other in reddish violet, flanked on the right and left by yellowish green glass panes that give the work the coordinates of a front and a side view. In the ecclesiastical rite, the purple shade stands for the transitional and transformative times of penance before Easter and Christmas; in the ecclesiastical context, the white stands for light and is associated with the appearance of Jesus. The consecrated context stands in stark contrast to the post-minimalist structure, which plays with sensual elements but is also part of an abstract, sober tradition. The division of the sanctuary into two parts is reminiscent of so-called "Versehkästchen" as containers for the host (white) and wine (red) in the Reformation period - the one by Luther's student Johannes Brenz has become well-known. But the artist goes far beyond the sacred, locates the hermetically closed but lucid space above an open, absolutely reduced outline of space, dissolving the boundaries of genre in a highly aesthetic form. In this way, he combines painterly (colored glass) and graphic-linear elements (frame) with his idea of sculpture, which no longer wants to rely on properties of mass and volume and is reminiscent of the Romantic notion of the Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) - to which the antiquated spelling in the title, which can be found in E. T. A. Hoffmann, for example, probably also ties in.
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