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Day and night IV
© Winfred Gaul / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Winfred Gaul

Tag und Nacht IV / Day and night IV, 1968

Polyvinyl acetate on canvas
130 × 130 cm

signed, dated and inscribed with stencil on the reverse: "GAUL/68/184 x 184".
(GAULW/M 79)

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Literature: Lothar Romain, Winfred Gaul. Catalog raisonné of paintings. 1962-1983, vol. II, Düsseldorf 1993, no. 519, ill. p. 152; Winfred Gaul. Works of Pop Art, Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Grafenau / Dätzingen 2016, p. 42

One will hardly be able to assign Winfred Gaul to any style: his work develops too little homogeneously. Influences can nevertheless be seen in Pop Art, among others, whose pioneer and protagonist he was in this country, which does not mean that Gaul simply imitated the situation that led to 'classic' Pop culture in the USA and England. To see him as a fellow traveler of the American art movement would be completely mistaken. Asked in a 1966 newspaper interview whether he rejected Pop Art, he replied, "No, on the contrary, I think it's wonderful ... and I owe it a new relationship to reality." The paintings from the series "Day and Night" (1966-68) fall into this period - according to the title, a motif that suggests a depiction of nature, but of course does not allow any direct association. Underneath the series of paintings is a play with the square, or more precisely: with squares within a square, which is itself square, but at the same time represents the quarter of an imaginary square (outside the picture) in terms of the color form. What these works have in common is the format turned on its head, while the internal colors are completely different within the series and extremely rich in contrast within the individual pictures - so that one is inclined to understand the phrase "as different as day and night" in a figurative rather than a concrete sense.
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