Rendezvous with the figure

© Volker Blumkowski /

Volker Blumkowski

Es reicht!! / Enough!!, 2017

Mixed media on handmade paper
109 × 74 cm

signed and dated lower right

€ 12.500
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Photo: Frank Kleinbach, Stuttgart

The scene in the painting "Es reicht!!" is a classic motif in the work of Volker Blumkowski: craftsmen act in a not always secure stand to pursue their work, which, despite all the clarity in the structure, cannot be clearly determined. The protagonist is dressed in painter's clothes, standing on a ladder and holding a rubble chute, waiting for it to be filled - what rubble it is and what the scope of the work will be is not apparent, because the actual construction site is outside the picture. The viewer therefore does not know what kind of work is being done at all. In this, he is probably no different than the man on the ladder, who is completely focused on the plastic tubes and who presumably has the statement of the title put into his mouth. "Enough" could mean the chute is aligned so that the debris falls where it belongs. In this case, it would be a small bucket that barely has capacity. But a defiant "enough is enough" can also mean he's had enough of the work, which he may not even understand or think is nonsensical. He may also be addressing his dog, or the dog sitting patiently to the left of the ladder, deliberately looking to the left out of the picture, where there may be something to see that makes him so curious that it requires a soothing "Enough (until I finish here)." While all of these associations encourage the viewer to develop a story around the mostly banal situation, at best it belies the fact that what is happening is outside of our perception. Thus, the picture gets less tension from the content than from the extremely subtle color design and composition. Volker Blumkowski makes it clear to us that art - despite all realism - is an examination of colors and forms.
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