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© John Pearson / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

John Pearson

Ohne Titel / Untitled, 1973

Oil on canvas
257 × 257 cm


€ 16.500
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The monumental painting by John Pearson overwhelms by its size alone. However, the outer circular form bordering on the psychedelic and the square form inscribed in the circle and at rest in itself also make it a color highlight of constructive art. In stripes of varying widths, consisting of lively yellow and fresh orange, Gayor laid out a format that takes a surprising turn by switching to the square: The dynamic is slowed down, brought into a more static rhythm by red and white diagonals, in which the multiply broken square of complementary red and green becomes the core of an impressive color vibration. Going beyond the color-symphonic appearance, Gayor also plays here with sensory illusions, on the one hand 'disturbing' the red-green quadrature in the arrangement, on the other hand integrating a smaller square with four internal squares barely visible into the upside-down square: Within the initially dominating circle, whose luminosity makes one forget that it fills a square canvas, Gayor fragments the central squares in manifold variations. An irrepressible desire to square the circle is palpable, but the work also evokes cosmic-astrological to South Asian mandala structures.

ohn Pearson's work takes its cue from Mondrian and the Constructivists. Since the 1960s, he has used mathematical systems and PC programs with the help of which he designed geometric compositions in the spirit of hard-edge. Circles and ellipses characterize his works, with which he reacted to expressive and emotionalized tendencies. Nevertheless, subjective experience has not been unimportant to him: "What matters is how the work looks when it is finished.... I hope that my paintings will slowly seduce the viewers." The later work seeks spirituality in nature rather than the insights of the computer.
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