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Cordula Güdemann

Long night at the museum with people of color
© Cordula Güdemann / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Cordula Güdemann

Lange Nacht im Museum mit Farbigen / Long night at the museum with people of color, 2011

Gouache on paper
54 × 42 cm

signed, dated and titled on the reverse: C. Güdemann April 2011 Long night at the museum with colored people


€ 3.700
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Literature: Cordula Güdemann. Maskland. Maskland, Galerie der Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen (ed.), Berlin 2011, ill. p. 66

With the classical theme 'picture within a picture' Cordula Güdemann presents - not without enigmatic wit - two motifs: an ab-stracted picture and below it a picture with a group of people whose heads are depicted. Since both motifs are depicted in front of a wall-colored background, one cut at the top, the other at the bottom, the suspicion that these are two paintings in a museum is obvious. Thus, the title also suggests that it is about a museum depiction. But it remains unclear which of the motifs is supposed to be 'real' and in what way - the colored people either refer to the ostensibly abstract picture or the color pigments with which it is painted, or they refer to the museum visitors who, according to the basically absurd designation, are colored people, i.e.: black-pigmented people. However, it is obvious to everyone that these are highly colored, not to say colorful figures, which in turn look so unrealistic that they are probably the picture in the picture and the abstract format, on the other hand, the 'real' object,
the painting. In addition to the ironic reflection on the Long Nights of the museums, which have the goal of breaking up habits of viewing pictures, there is also a socio-political, polemical statement in the questionable designation of the 'colored' by means of pure art.
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