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Camill Leberer

© Camill Leberer / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Camill Leberer

Horizont / Horizon, 2019

Steel, paint
65 × 60 cm

on the reverse signed, dated and inscribed
(LEBERC/W 118)

€ 5.500
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The starting point in Leberer's pictorial work is the installation space. He uses metal, mirrors and glass as materials, primarily incorporating light - both natural and artificial - and increasingly the "appearance" of color. His groups of works are divided into metal pictures, which are attached directly to the wall, and those which, as sculptural objects made of metal and glass, move away from it or stand freely in the room as an installation. Formally connected to the room installation, since 2003 he has increasingly created compositions on metal plates, in which the coloration is more intensely pronounced, but sometimes also - as in the work "Horizon" from 2019 - aims at the transparent effect. Leberer's works actively determine the existing presence in space - that is, within architecture. With his objects, Leberer moves in the border area of the genres of sculpture, painting as well as architecture. In the simultaneous experience of color and light in the spatial dimension, Leberer makes both his individual and autonomous artistic contribution. Leberer's works are located in an area between reflection and intuition that is difficult to grasp rationally, which is why, with a few exceptions, they consistently elude description or designation by title. A purely rational effect of his works, which he could achieve through a consistent application of a non-objective, constructively and geometrically conceived repertoire of form and color, is countered by the accents of the gestural-linelike elements. In recent times, the rational-concrete reference comes more to the fore, of which the "Horizon" with its colorfulness pushed to the upper edge of the picture is a good example.
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